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The diffusion of learned medicine in the sixteenth century through the printed book 5. The reception of medieval practical medicine in the sixteenth century: the case of Arnau de Vilanova 6. Melanchthon at the book fairs, editors, markets and religious strife 7. Cardano and his publishers, 8. Murder, debt, and retribution in the Italico-Hispanico-French book trade: the Beraud affair, Competitors or collaborators? Sebastian Gryphius and his colleagues in Lyon, Alberico Gentili, his publishers, and the vagaries of the English Book trade with the Continent, English Books on the Continent, Lusitani periti : Portuguese medical authors, national identity and bibliography in the late Renaissance Louis Jacob de Saint-Charles and the development of specialist bibliography Index.

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Library of the Written Word

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  1. Introduction: The Dutch Republic and Its Golden Age.
  2. Printing and Bookselling in the Dutch Republic.
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  4. Barely Bewitched (Southern Witch, Book 2);
  5. Currency of the Heart: A Year of Investing, Death, Work, and Coins (Sightline Books).

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    1. Introduction

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      Publishing History, 36, — Veylit, A. University of California Riverside. Weedon, A. The uses of quantification. Wheeler, W. The spread of provincial printing in Ireland before , Irish Booklore, 4, 7— Introduction Library catalogues are a prominent information source for anyone studying the history of publishing and the associated social change.

      Library catalogues as a research resource According to Peter Stallybrass , researchers should be turning to librarians to understand knowledge production see also Kraus, Open-data analytical ecosystems as quantitative research tools The starting point of our analysis is the library catalogue, which is further extracted, transformed, and supplemented with supporting information, and subjected to rigorous quantitative analysis.

      Library of the Written Word

      Who wrote history? Where was history published?

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      How did publishing on the subject of history change over time? Conclusion We have demonstrated how library catalogue data can be used to analyse large-scale developments of knowledge production such as the publishing of historical writings in early modern Britain and North America. References Adams, T. The British Book Trade, to Publishing History, 16, 43—86 Alston, R. The history of ESTC. Age of Johnson, 14, — Altick, R. New York: Norton Amory, H. Studies in the booktrade of the European enlightenment.

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