Locating China: Space, Place, and Popular Culture

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Pop Culture China! Liu , Kang. Globalization and Cultural Trends in China. Honululu: University of Hawaii Press, Mosowitz, Marc L.

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Honululu: University of Kawaii Press, Wang , Jing , ed. New York: Routledge, Chinese Youth in Transition. Note 1: Intended Learning Outcomes Intended learning outcomes should state what students should be able to do or attain upon completion of the subject. Subject outcomes are expected to contribute to the attainment of the overall programme outcomes.

At the same time over - crowding of the syllabus should be avoided. Note 4: Assessment Method This section should include the assessment method s to be used and it s relative weighting, and indicate which of the subject intended learning outcomes that each method purports to assess.

Ferry, Megan. Amherst, NY: Cambria, It employs media analysis to examine the way paratexts create and reproduce gendered norms, especially through persistent material and discursive mechanisms that framed women authors and their textual production.


Feuerwerker, Yi-tsi Mei. Fitzgerald, John. Fong, Grace. Fonoroff, Paul. London: Thames and Hudson, With expertly curated covers, and authoritative and entertaining commentary, collector and Chinese cinema specialist Paul Fonoroff guides readers through the jewels of the genre, offering unique insights into the evolution of Chinese movies and the influence of Hollywood along the way. Forster, Elisabeth. This link hinged on the way in which newspapers like Shenbao reported about the academic debates and the political events of May Fourth.

After compartmentalizing the debating academics into fixed xuepai, Shenbao ascribed warlord-political allegiances to them. Gerwutz, Margo. Tsou Tao-fen: The Shenghuo Years, Ithaca: Cornell University, Gimpel, Denise. Bern: Peter Lang, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, , Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, Goodman, Bryna. Haddon, Rosemary M. Hang, Krista Van Fliet. Harrison, Henrietta. Wasserstrom, ed. London, NY: Routledge, , Hassid, Jonathan. NY: Routledge, This book is the first to systematically explore why some Chinese journalists decide to challenge Communist Party power holders and the censorship system.

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Based on 18 months of fieldwork, interviews with over 70 Chinese journalists and academics and analysis of nearly 20, Chinese newspaper articles, it investigates the motivation behind news workers who often brave the perils of challenging an authoritarian system. Rather than being driven by commercial pressures or financial inducements, the book suggests that many aggressive journalists push the limits of acceptable coverage because of their sense of public spirit and their professional role orientation. It argues that ultimately, these advocate journalists matter because they challenge specific policies and are changing China, one article at a time.

He, Qiliang.

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By focusing on five cases, either occurring in or in relation to the year , this book emphasizes the protean nature of the newspaper and seeks to challenge a press historiography which suggests modern Chinese newspapers were produced and consumed with clear agendas of popularizing enlightenment, modernist, and revolutionary concepts. Instead, this book contends that such a historiography, which is premised on the classification of newspapers along the lines of their functions, overlooks the opaqueness of the Chinese press in the early twentieth century.

Analyzing modern Chinese history through the lens of the newspaper, this book presents an interdisciplinary and international approach to studying mass communications. As such, this book will be useful to students and scholars of Chinese history, journalism, and Asian Studies more generally. Hendrischke, Hans J.

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Bochum: Herausgeber Chinathemen, London: Routledge, , Henningsen, Lena. Berlin: Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag, Confronted with instances of copyright infringements on their own works, they voice their opposition and fight for their rights, be it through legal action or their writing. While these two central arguments appear to be contradictory, the author shows that they represent two sides of the same coin: the emergence of a new self-conception among Chinese authors, as they struggle to recast their relationship with society and state.

Henningsmeier, Julia. Hill, Michael Gibbs. Hockx, Michel. Leiden: E. Brill, Nottingham: Critical, Cultural and Communications Press, , The book offers a distinctive methodology for studying the periodical press, which is supported by the development of a bilingual database of early Chinese periodicals.

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Throughout the study, essays on China are punctuated by transdisciplinary reflections from scholars working on periodicals outside of the Chinese context, encouraging readers to rethink common stereotypes about lived womanhood in modern China, and to reconsider the nature of Chinese modernity in a global context. Hon, Tze-ki.

Leiden: Brill, Rather than viewing the journal as a collection of documents for studying a thinker e. As such, this book offers a different perspective on the Chinese quest for modernity. It shows that, from the start, the Chinese quest for modernity was never completely orchestrated by the central government, nor was it static and monolithic as the teleology of revolution describes.

Leiden: Brill, , Hsia, Yu, et al. Hsu, Rachel Hui-chi. Hu, Siao-chen. Huang, Jin-chu. Michel Hockx and Wei-hsin Lin. Huang, Nicole. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, , Huang, Xiang. Hung, Chang-tai. Berkeley: University of California Press, Huntington, Rania. Zeitlin and Lydia Liu, with Ellen Widmer, eds.

Huters, Theodore. Imbach, Jessica. Ip, Manying. The Life and Times of Zhang Yuanji, Beijing: Commercial Press, Janku, Andrea. Nur leere Reden. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, Jiang, Shao. Citizen Publications in China before the Internet. NY: Palgrave Macmillan, When examined against the backdrop of a much older history of Chinese print culture and its renaissance, this recent history of citizen publications also contributes to the reclamation of a lost past of resistance.

It is an exercise in remembering a past that has been marginalized and excluded by official history and recovering thoughts and practices obliterated by state power. This book attempts to reconstruct the narrative of modern Chinese history by analyzing the development of a civil society that is independent of both the state elite and the new apolitical bourgeoisie in mainland China. Judge, Joan. Stanford: Stanford UP, Zarrow, eds. Armonk, NY: M.

Sharpe, , Dismissed by high-minded ideologues of the late s and largely overlooked in subsequent scholarship, this commercial culture has only recently begun to be rehabilitated in mainland China.