The Visual Learners Guide to Managing Web Projects

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SourceForge is a huge repository of open source projects with documentation.. The project team, composed of the following Knowledge Management Branch staff: Ms. The Books24x7 On Demand Platform enables users to search.

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Bloomberg Guide. Aug 12, Business and Economics Working Papers. Search for:. Share this article: Return to top. Git Immersion This Git tutorial walks you through Git basics using a step-by-step, hands-on approach. Git Community Book This Git resource hosted on the official Git project site is a free web-based book written by the Git community.

Git Magic This online book on Git is well written with wonderful analogies to help beginners understand the concepts behind Git. Starting with Git: Cheat Sheet: A quick introduction to Git that discusses fundamental activities such as committing to the repository and adding files for version tracking.

Getting Started with Git : This 6-page cheat-sheet-style Git tutorial from technology publishing company Dzone is available as a PDF that you can print. Git for the lazy: This guide will get you up and running on Git as quickly as possible.

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Playing Git Like A Violin: Learn how to create Git command aliases shortcuts to speed up your version control workflow through this online resource. Version Control for Designers: This Git guide discusses the principles and concepts behind version control systems. Learn how to get up and running using GitHub through this guide.

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Then continue, and make a detailed outline of the stages you want your workflow to go through, along with the people who'll be working on it. After figuring out the basic stages, you'll have to focus on learning the software, and begin mapping the workflow onto it.

"Visual Twitter" programming project (web coding tips & tutorial)

Workflow management software comes with a list of features that will help you get your tasks done faster, while the workflow is still in its transitions. This will include things like having a comment forum for team discussions, attaching relevant files, SLAs, and custom notifications, just to name a few. Once the workflow is complete, you'll start getting more useful insights, like reports and stats that you can customize according to the information that you want.

For example, you'll see things like the amount of time spent on a workflow, the top performing team or employee, or the most common stage among your workflows.

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Orchestly is the new workflow management software in town. All you need to do is map your business workflows into the software, assign people to it, and watch your process flow effortlessly.

What is workflow management? How can workflow management increase your productivity? Minimize confusion There's little room for mix-ups, as everything required can be uploaded onto the software—contracts, bills, and any other documents you work with.

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Save time Not having to follow up means saving time. Increased transparency By using workflow management software, you get to see everything that happens on your team—no need to track down teammates for important details. Minimize confusion Save time Give your workflow a face Increased transparency. Why do I need one for my organization?

The Visual Learner's Guide to Managing Web Projects

Now, there are two possible scenarios: How do I go about using workflow management software? Step 01 Pick a process and begin with the most basic step you can think of.

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  4. Step 02 After figuring out the basic stages, you'll have to focus on learning the software, and begin mapping the workflow onto it.