Virtual Immersive and 3D Learning Spaces: Emerging Technologies and Trends

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Thousands of faculty, researchers, staff and administrators are members of the Immersive Education Initiative, who together service millions of academic and corporate learners worldwide. E-iED brings together researchers, developers, educators, decision makers, and industry from around the world.

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EiED covers a broad spectrum of Immersive Education interests and concerns, ranging from emerging trends and technologies, world-class research and best practices, to the development and marketing of innovative products and services. E-iED consists of scientific presentations, poster sessions, panel discussions, and break-out sessions. A newly introduced hands-on demo stream combines a short paper presentation with an extended hands-on presentation for the attendees. Following a bottom-up approach, special tracks and workshops cover emerging topics and trends suggested and organized by the community and focused groups.

Also speed sessions enable participants to present an aspect of their work or interest in a fun and speedy way. The summit also offers a platform to explore research collaborations and provides international research consortia with an opportunity share their results. For the main conference, topics of interest in the context of immersive environments include the following:. Vienna, the main capital of Austria, is located in the center of Europe.

The city is well connected by its international airport and long distance train connections.

Vienna is not only well known as a conference city but is also famous for its cultural variety as well as the quality and diversity of the cuisine. The University of Applied Science BFI Vienna offers bachelor and master degrees in business subjects and focuses on various fields of applied research in innovative technologies, such as Immersive Environments. The Institute of Information Systems and Computer Media at Graz University of Technology has a long history on researching and developing innovative methods, technologies and tools in the field of information system and enhanced computer media.

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Many E-iED presenters bring working prototypes that attendees can experience hands-on for themselves. E-iED posters convey new research activities and projects that are in the early concept stage or are works-in-progress. E-iED speed sharing sessions are fast-paced 5 minute presentations with no question time , with a maximum of 8 slides. E-iED speed sharing presentations enable speakers to present an aspect of their work or interest in a fun and fast way.

4th European Immersive Education Summit

International Minecraft "Builder Bowl" tournament , the first in a series of annual immersive technology competitions, announced. Jump in! Since St. For over years the elementary school has touched the lives of generations of children in the heart of a proud and dynamic city. One is that these environments cut across grade levels and so must be relevant to a broader student, faculty and, perhaps, parent audience.

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Another is that they tend to be more permanent in nature and so the content of these environments must be carefully curated to address enduring educational goals. Perhaps the biggest challenge to implementing common area immersive learning environments is the consensus building it requires among faculty and administration.

Classroom immersive learning environments are commonplace because they are within the control of a single teacher. Common area immersive learning environments require a shared view among educators about curriculum, content and, ultimately, about design. Consensus of this sort is hard-won and any compromises made in the planning stages for the sake of consensus have a way of showing through in the executed design.

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This challenge is probably why common area immersive environments to date have tended towards school boosterism and the temporary display of student work. What common areas lend themselves to immersive learning environments? Like the middle school science center, common areas between classrooms dedicated to a specific subject lend themselves to immersive content development. Stairways offer good opportunity because they are dynamic, well used by students and are dedicated to single function that will not change over time.

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Spaces that are multifunctional do not because it is hard to develop immersive content for changing environments. Science and math education may more easily lend itself to the consensus building required of immersive learning environments because it deals with content that is by nature objective and enduring. The current emphasis on science and math education as a key to our collective future can be seen to reinforce the prioritization of these types of immersive learning environments.

For Digital Natives born during or after the introduction of digital technologies, virtual immersive environments are a reality, one that often competes with real environments, including school, for their attention.


Fantasy worlds associated with gaming and entertainment overshadow our perception of virtual immersive environments because they are culturally dominant. But studies confirming the value of virtual immersive environments like ILEs used for training purposes are leading to a reconsideration of an old idea — the school immersive learning environment.

A symbiotic relationship between the design of physical and virtual learning environments has developed that will continue to inform the future of school design. I agree to this site's Privacy Policy. All Webcasts. With so many considerations and unique requirements there is never a one-size-fits-all answer.

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